Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls by George Anthon Kibbie

June 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

Bilwok: Dawn of the Trolls by George Anthon KibbieBilwok: Dawn of the Trolls
Author: George Anthon Kibbie
Genres: YA Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 320
Date: June 9, 2015
Publisher: Cedar Fort

“What are these places and who are these people?” he asked himself virtually every time he opened the book.… Each page was filled with wonders and… Bilwok found himself more and more convinced that what the Troll Elders and teachers had taught for generations was simply not true.

All trolls know that mankind is ugly, stupid, and evil. But when Bilwok, the son of the troll chief, begins reading the ancient book of his people, what he discovers about men changes everything he knows about himself, his fellow trolls, and the world beyond his hidden home.

Now Bilwok must decide where his loyalties lie and how far he’s willing to go to learn the truth.


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