The Sale of Woodhouse Glass by K.J. Watters

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The Sale of Woodhouse Glass by K.J. WattersThe Sale of Woodhouse Glass
Author: K.J. Watters
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 188
Date: November 2, 2015
Publisher: Seventh Wave Books

Since the world didn’t actually end after Jake was killed in a car accident, Kali was left with two kids and a business she had no idea how to run. Her triumphs these days are resisting the urge to write snarky comments on social media sites and locating the TV remote on the first plunge between the couch cushions.

Parker Williams might just be the perfect guy to help her move on. It seems like the Universe keeps throwing them together, or maybe it’s just the small town. Either way, it’s no match for the powerful influence of Kali’s five-year-old son, who manages to push Parker out of their lives.

Spencer Price is a blast from the past, and Kali owes him a favor. She thinks she’s helping him by giving him a job until she realizes she might have gotten the better end of the deal. But, dating an employee is always a terrible idea—when it isn’t making work the most fun it’s ever been. Buying her way out of that mess gives Kali the capital and freedom to let go of Jake’s dream and choose her own.

Kali’s heart is torn between three men: two of them have broken up with her and one of them is dead—not an overly promising group. But since there isn’t some cosmic law of statistics that keeps Kali from having more than her share of tragedy, she might just beat the odds and get that once-in-a-lifetime love a second time.

The Sale of Woodhouse Glass is a Clean Romance about letting go and grabbing hold, and figuring out which one applies.

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About K.J. Watters

K.J. Watters

K.J. Watters has a degree in Communications, selected for its minimal math requirements. Her hobbies currently include reading, writing, and watching beginner level gymnastics, ballet, and soccer practices. When she isn’t writing or being a mom, she teaches high school conflict resolution classes.

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