The Monster and the Beast by Jessica Lorenne

February 5, 2015 | 0 Comments

The Monster and the Beast by Jessica LorenneThe Monster and the Beast
Author: Jessica Lorenne
Series: Tales of Evermagic #4
Genres: YA Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 232
Date: February 5, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Serren finds herself trapped in a manor with a Beast who looks more like a monster. But when she realizes the true beauty of his heart, she is willing to do anything to stay with him, even if it means looking like him. But will he accept her even after she’s broken the curse? Or will he deny her, forcing out the creature lurking inside her, so a true monster is born?

Hunter goes after Serren when she’s disappeared into an enchanted wood. What he finds instead is a temperamental lioness, and a mischievous doe. What is more––they can talk. Now trapped with them he slowly learns there is more to their curse than simple magic, and he might be the key to saving them all. If only he can figure out how.

The curse of Beauty and the Beast has been cast on twins now barred from one another by a magical barrier, but are their heroes the Beauties or could they possibly be the Beasts?

Note: Author gives this book a PG-13 rating for attempted/failed (non-graphic) assault on MC, mild violence.


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