Guide & Sword: Usurper by Jared Garrett

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Guide & Sword: Usurper by Jared GarrettUsurper
Author: Jared Garrett
Series: The Guide & the Sword #2
Genres: Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 363
Date: May 25, 2018
Publisher: Indie

Battered, broken, and branded a traitor to his people, Lakhoni races after Molgar, the treacherous snake who seeks to rule through murder. Together with Alronna and Ree, they battle through arcane caverns, vicious warriors, and mortal injury to catch up to Molgar, who knows the hiding place of the last ancient Relic of power. And if Molgar secures the Sword while he possesses the Guide, his reign will corrupt two nations.

At the same time, Simra, betrayed and abandoned, seeks a place she can make a difference, a place apart from her lonely search for the boy she thought she loved. Her loyalty and compassion take her on a path that could change the destiny of the known world.

As the journeys of Lakhoni, Simra, and Molgar converge, an ultimate showdown looms. But when the time comes to end the conflict once and for all, Lakhoni will have to decide if he can ally with his nation’s most ancient enemy to stop an even greater evil. If they fail, the entire continent will run with the blood of innocents.

Rating: Moderate. Mild kissing; moderate violence or horror.


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About Jared Garrett

Jared Garrett

Jared Garrett writes scifi thriller, fantasy, and a bunch of other lies in book form. He is a family man raising seven kids with his best friend and wife of two decades. Jared is a full-time stay-at-home-dad and professional, designing learning for global corporations. He writes in the margins of the day.

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