Slayers: Into the Firestorm by C.J. Hill

October 24, 2019 | 0 Comments
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Slayers: Into the Firestorm by C.J. HillInto the Firestorm
Author: C.J. Hill
Series: Slayers #5
Genres: YA Paranormal/Contemporary
Format: eBook
Pages: 489
Date: October 24, 2019
Publisher: Indie

The attacks on the nation have begun. As city after city falls, Tori Hampton and the rest of the Slayers are powerless to stop Overdrake, his dragons, or the EMP they employ. And what’s worse, Overdrake’s son, Dirk, is no longer an alley. He’s an enemy who knows the Slayer’s tactics, plays, and weaknesses. This is doubly hard on Tori because she still considers him a friend and doesn’t want to destroy him or the dragons. Her feelings are a liability—but how does a person stop feeling things they shouldn’t?

If Tori could control her feelings, she would reign in her feeling for her ex-boyfriend, Jesse, the other Slayer team’s captain. He’s tall, dark, and doing his best to ignore her.

When Aaron, Dirk’s younger brother, gives Tori inside information about an upcoming attack on DC, the Slayers believe they finally have a chance to face Overdrake and slay his dragons. But their lives aren’t the only ones at stake. Tori’s father is also a target.


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