Love Under Construction by Danyelle Ferguson

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Love Under Construction by Danyelle FergusonLove Under Construction
Author: Danyelle Ferguson
Series: Indulgence Row #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 314
Date: April 19, 2016
Publisher: Wonderstruck Books

Charlee is angry…

What do you do when your boss makes someone else the lead on a big renovation project that should rightfully be yours? You quit. On second thought, that might not be the best idea, but Charlee Jackson has never been one for second thoughts. Instead, she lands a big contract of her own. She’s jumping into her new life—work boots, tool belt and all. Now she just needs to form a company and hire contractors and buy supplies and get an office and not fall in love with her former boss’s son. Yeah. Definitely not that last one.

Peter is torn…

You can’t date someone who works for you, but now that his dad let Charlee walk out the door, Peter Elliot is considering his options. Charlee was their top renovation expert, his best friend’s sister, and the only thing that made the drudgery of running a large construction business bearable. But how do you date a competitor, especially one your father is trying to drive out of business? It would be stupid to make your dad angry right before he retires and hands the company over to you. Right?

When Charlee and Peter are scheduled to work on the same Indulgence Row house, their feelings and priorities are put to the test. They need to make a choice, and they better be quick about it, because the whole mixture is curing fast and threatening to crumble to pieces.

Rating: Moderate. Moderate crude humor/language; mild substance use; passionate kissing; some profanity (6 to 40); non-graphic sexual references.

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About Danyelle Ferguson

Danyelle Ferguson

Danyelle Ferguson is a stay-at-home mom to four boisterous kids, trying to cram in her writing deadlines between the never-ending laundry pile and constant calls for mom. Her award-winning novels intertwine real-life challenges with humor, love and a little kick of spice.

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