A Proper Scandal by Esther Hatch

May 1, 2019 | 1 Comment
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A Proper Scandal by Esther HatchA Proper Scandal
Author: Esther Hatch
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 222
Date: May 1, 2019
Publisher: Covenant

Grace Sinclair has been callously cast out of her home. And though taken in as an orphaned child by the vicar and his wife, her unsurpassed beauty makes it impossible for her to remain in the vicar’s household—with two daughters of their own about to enter Society, the vicar and his wife see Grace as nothing but competition. Thankfully, Grace’s estranged Aunt Bell has agreed to take her in to her home in London. But Grace soon learns her situation has just gotten much worse.

It takes only a moment’s acquaintance for Grace to ascertain that her aunt has married a detestable rake. And Aunt Bell, recognizing the danger of having her lovely niece too near her husband, gives Grace an ultimatum: the young woman has two weeks to find a man to marry, after which she will be turned out. With no experience in the art of attracting a husband, Grace quickly realizes that a worthy suitor might not be so easy to ensnare.


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One response to “A Proper Scandal by Esther Hatch

  1. Maria

    ** spoiler alert **
    The title of this book lets the reader know right off that this isn’t going to be a typical story line. I mean how can a scandal be proper? Generally in books of this era anyone trying to create a scandal is considered the bad person. I would want to protect the character that is the victim in the scandal. But the author has us loving Grace so much from the beginning that we rather hope she will succeed. The meeting of Grace and Nate is unusual and cute. And I wasn’t really sure how it was all going to play out in time. I mean I knew there would be the happily ever after but I didn’t know how they would get to that point.
    Grace is pretty hopeless in the art of flirting and she is even worse at trying to compromise someone. I’m pretty sure when attempting this, one would want to leave their victim in the dark as to the goal instead of stating it straight out. But because she is so blundering at all of it she is even more adorable.
    Her family however are not adorable. Particularly her step-uncle. He is a horrible person in every way.
    Nate is pretty bad at avoiding compromising situations even when he is aware of what he is walking into. He can’t quite walk away. But it is endearing since he is always concerned for her and therefore follows along.

    Scenes I would like to have seen: Grace saving herself from her uncle without the help of a man. (A good knee to the groin might have helped). The uncle getting the boot from the aunt. The look on the uncle’s face when he can’t talk his way out of his troubles any longer.

    Sex: Threatening innuendo, kisses, creepy leering uncle
    Language: No
    Violence: Attempted sexual assault, fisticuffs

    This book was provided to me by Netgalley and I voluntarily wrote a review for it.

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