Starlight Legend by Alana Lee

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Starlight Legend by Alana LeeStarlight Legend
Author: Alana Lee
Genres: YA Romance, YA Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 405
Date: October 24, 2018
Publisher: Indie

A forgotten realm. A false friend. A dying star to save.

Elliana made a big mistake that taught her to keep her mouth shut and just be nice. But living too safely and avoiding risks all together gets old, so she takes a risk of the heart. That little risk turns her world upside down and inside out in ways she never could have imagined, which makes her careless enough to make a deal with a handsome stranger and daring enough to discover a portal to a forgotten realm.

But accessing the forgotten realm throws the doors of destiny wide open. This one act grants her answers to life’s big questions, gives her a daunting quest, and makes her the latest target of the enemy realm.

The quest? Elliana must rescue a dying star—a star that, oddly enough, has everything to do with the survival of love and goodness on earth. She is torn between avoiding more risks and wanting to experience love, especially after she meets Cai. So she agrees to help, but the enemy realm wants to destroy her, and they almost succeed. Can the forgotten realm rely on Elliana, or must they seek after another?

Rating: Mild+. Mild crude humor; mild kissing; mild language; mild (nonsexual) violence or horror.


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About Alana Lee

Alana Lee

Alana Lee defeated her strong dislike for writing during her college years and loved teaching composition at the college level. Now she writes clean young adult fiction with elements of fantasy and romantic comedy in hopes of inspiring her readers and making them laugh. She lives New Mexico with her hubby, kids, and any lizards friendly enough to hang out in her back yard.

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