Mountains and Mistletoe by M.K. Dymock

December 2, 2021 | 1 Comment
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Mountains and Mistletoe by  M.K. DymockMountains and Mistletoe
Author: M.K. Dymock
Series: Harvest Ranch Romance #19
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 220
Date: December 2, 2021
Publisher: Elite Edition

Nia doesn’t believe in dating a guy more than three times, and Darius is out of the dating game for good.

Ski pro Nia Pearson never spends more than three months in any given town and never goes on more than three dates with any guy. But with her mom being sick, she’s stuck in Harvest Ranch working at its tiny resort for an interminable winter. When she meets the incredible-looking ski instructor Darius, she has a good idea of whom to go on those dates with during the snowy season.

After a soul-destroying divorce, Darius Atwater has sworn off dating and takes no time in rejecting the cocky Nia. Instead, he plans to focus all his attention on the local, run-down ski resort he’s purchased. To bring it back to its glory, he’s working undercover to learn the mountain from the lifts to the peaks. Only problem is that it’s in a lot worse shape than he’d bargained for.

To save the resort, he needs Nia’s expert help, forcing him to let her in on his secret. But it’ll take all he can to not let her into his heart.

Is a Christmas miracle in store this snowy season for this stormy couple?


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One response to “Mountains and Mistletoe by M.K. Dymock

  1. It’s always nice to be back in Harvest Ranch. Mountains and Mistletoe was so fun and really enjoyable. There is so much tension between Darius and Nia that you can’t help but keep reading and being hooked page to page because you just have to know what happens next or what they disagree on next. I kept myself through the whole book trying to decide what I wanted to happen and I was pleasantly surprised with how everything played out in the book.

    One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that it didn’t paint families in a perfect light. Many books make every family seem perfect with no problems. However, M.K. Dymock did a wonderful job showing a family in realistic light; trials, illnesses, arguments, sibling rivalry, etc. It helped the book seem even more real and wonderful. While it takes a while to see the chemistry between characters, there is a wonderful friendship-esque build up that is lovely.

    If you enjoy sweet romance, stories of adventure and growth, and learning to move on from the past, you will love this story. I definitely recommend it for a nice and cozy read this winter. So load this one up on your phone or tablet, or even better go get a physical copy. Then make yourself a nice cozy cup of hot chocolate and sit back and relax. Enjoy this quick but story filled book.

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