Fire and Steel: The Proud Shall Stumble by Gerald N. Lund

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Fire and Steel: The Proud Shall Stumble by Gerald N. LundThe Proud Shall Stumble
Author: Gerald N. Lund
Series: Fire and Steel #4
Genres: General Historical
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 544
Date: May 15, 2017
Publisher: Deseret Book

It’s a truth that has stood for centuries: pride goeth before the fall. And Germany, emboldened by an increasingly popular dynamo, is becoming proud.

Across the ocean in America, people have been enjoying years of plenty since the Great War. Electricity in every home, shiny new automobiles lining the streets, roaring new music, shocking new clothing styles—a whole nation wanting nothing more than to let loose and get rich. But beneath the glittering surface, the economy’s foundation has already begun to crumble.

On opposite sides of the world, the Eckhardt and Westland families are as caught up in the fast-paced times as anyone else, and they find their personal lives deeply affected by the shocking events occurring on a global scale. Though they all seek to follow a wise path, the way becomes hazy when powerful forces aim to cloud their judgment. Will they be able to recognize the darkness before they sink further into it? More dark days lie ahead, and the families stand to lose everything if they don’t cling to the light.

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