Time Stone: Chasing the Star by Kathi Oram Peterson

November 14, 2017 | 0 Comments
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Time Stone: Chasing the Star by Kathi Oram PetersonChasing the Star
Author: Kathi Oram Peterson
Series: Time Stone Chronicles #4
Genres: YA Historical
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 350
Date: November 14, 2017
Publisher: Indie

Nineteen-year-old Rachel Kristoffersen has always been fascinated by the Star of Bethlehem. However, while attending college her faith is severely shaken and she doubts such a star ever existed. On the day she returns home for Christmas, she learns her parents were killed in a car accident and her little brother, Joshua, is severely injured and in the hospital. When he awakens, he is unable to speak. Rachel is called away from his room and when she returns she finds Josh is missing. A mysterious nurse gives her a stone that glows in her hand. As radiant light overtakes her, the nurse says the “time stone” will send her to Josh, except it doesn’t. When the light recedes, she finds she is in the belly of a pirate’s slave ship.

Summoned to Rome by Caesar Augustus, Marcus Alexander Favonius—a Roman soldier—is captured by a pirate, who hands him a letter from his father. His father’s life is in danger, and Marcus must go with the pirate to Ephesus. Below deck he meets a very beautiful slave girl, except she’s dressed in strange raiment and claims she isn’t a slave. She demands to know where her brother is. When the pirate threatens to kill her, Marcus buys her. Now, saddled with a deranged woman who claims she is from the future, he must do whatever he can to find his father—even if he has to drag her along with him.


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About Kathi Oram Peterson

Kathi Oram Peterson

Kathi Oram Peterson has loved reading and writing stories since childhood. After raising her family, she put her writing on hold to earn a BA in English and a minor in Sociology. Upon graduation she worked for a curriculum publisher writing and editing concept and biography books for children. Her first novel was published in 2009. She writes young adult and romantic suspense.

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