A Provision for Love by Heather Chapman

June 7, 2019 | 1 Comment
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A Provision for Love by Heather ChapmanA Provision for Love
Author: Heather Chapman
Series: Entangled Inheritance #1
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 217
Date: June 7, 2019
Publisher: Indie

The only place Ivy Linfield feels truly uninhibited is within the walls and gardens of Bridgestone. There, she is free of society’s expectations and her worries of the future. With the death of Lord Percival Barrington, the only grandfather figure she’s ever known, Ivy is torn between the grief of losing him and her beloved summer home.

Losing Bridgestone, even to one as worthy and handsome as Percival’s great-nephew Henry, seems cruel and unfair. So when Ivy learns of a provision in the will, she is more than willing to go to great lengths to secure the inheritance for herself. The only catch? Ivy must marry a man that fits a list of requirements before the season ends.

She quickly learns, however, that love has its own set of rules–rules that are not so easily defined nor understood. What if her opponent is actually the man she’s been searching for? Can Ivy secure a match before her time runs out, or will surrendering her heart mean losing all that was intended for her?

The Entangled Inheritance series is by multiple authors. The individual books may be read in any order.


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About Heather Chapman

Heather Chapman

Heather Chapman grew up on a steady diet of chocolate, Anne of Green Gables, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Austen, and the other staples of female literature and moviedom. These stories inspired Heather to begin writing at an early age. In her spare time, Heather enjoys time spent with family, volleyball, piano, the outdoors, and almost anything creative.

One response to “A Provision for Love by Heather Chapman

  1. Maria

    I enjoyed reading this book. It had humor and romance even if Ivy was slow to see it in truth. Sometimes I wanted to knock her in the head and say “open your eyes!” I thought Henry had a delightful personality and enjoyed each scene he was in.

    I was glad that Lord Egerton was a good person. I kept expecting a scene to show he was really a lout but it never came. I do feel sorry for him though.

    I think my only complaint was that sometimes the author skipped a scene. She told us it happened but we didn’t get to see it. Sometimes that is nice so we don’t get bogged down with too much detail but there were a couple of times that I would have really enjoyed the scene and was sorry to miss it.

    Sex: a few kisses
    Language: no
    Violence: no

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