Undercover Reaper by RaShelle Workman

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Undercover Reaper by RaShelle WorkmanUndercover Reaper
Author: RaShelle Workman
Series: Eerie Valley Supernaturals #1
Genres: Paranormal/Contemporary
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 332
Date: April 19, 2020
Publisher: Polished Pen Press

New town. New job. New supernatural power. I reap the dead and there’s plenty of work in Eerie Valley.

My name is Faith Ghraves and I’m a detective in the small town of Eerie Valley, just outside of Los Angeles, California. A few months ago I started to see the spirits of the recently deceased. On one fateful night, I accidentally touched one and without knowing how sent the spirit to the after life.

No one knows my secret because how would I tell them.

Instead, I pretend to be just an average woman with a badge and gun.

There are two cases my partner and I are working. The first is that of a child who’s gone missing. The second involves dead strippers. The FBI is also involved. They believe the murders are the work of a twisted serial killer and they want to use me as bait.

That means going undercover. As a stripper. The prospect is terrifying. Even more scary than seeing the dead. But I never was one to back down from difficult obstacles.

As we uncover more about each case, it becomes apparent nothing in this town is ordinary and the supernatural are everywhere.


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About RaShelle Workman

RaShelle Workman

RaShelle Workman writes Paranormal, Romance, and Young Adult fiction. She loves baking, coming up with new taco recipes, and spending time with her family. Currently, she lives in Utah with her husband, three children, and their three dogs.

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