Iffy Magic: Confessions of a Faux Fairy Godmother by S.E. Page

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Iffy Magic: Confessions of a Faux Fairy Godmother by S.E. PageConfessions of a Faux Fairy Godmother
Author: S.E. Page
Series: Iffy Magic #1
Genres: YA Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 338
Date: August 3, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Everybody knows the Cinderella story, but no one knows the lie. There never was a fairy godmother, just Primrose Goodwing: a pixie whose magic always comes undone at midnight. Prim has just become the only Goodwing—ever—to fail her fairy godmother test. But she’s not ready to give up her wand yet. Trading her wings to smuggle herself into the Mortal Vale, Prim dreams of proving her worth by whipping up a happily-ever-after for a human venture in the quaint kingdom of Lindonberg.

Too bad Ember, the headstrong girl she picks, has her own ideas about happy endings that don’t involve the traditional castle and crown. Worse, Prim finds her heart torn by the wily shape shifter Calico, a descendant of Puss n’ Boots who hides a dark secret behind his spite for humans. All Prim’s schemes unravel when she discovers that “perfect” little Lindonberg is entangled in a web of intrigue and spells that threatens to annihilate every kingdom in the Mortal Vale.

Will her first fairy tale become her last? Iffy Magic is the true tale of the pixie behind the girl with the glass slippers!

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About S.E. Page

S.E. Page

S. E. Page is a YA writer represented by literary agent Natalie Lakosil. She has an M.S. and certification in Secondary English and keeps her quill sharp by scribbling stories and editing Young Ravens Literary Review. As a child she dearly wished her first initial stood for something adventurous and dashing like Seraphina or Sapphira, but she has grown comfortable with being a Sarah.

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