Remember the Girl by Leanora Benoit

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Remember the Girl by Leanora BenoitRemember the Girl
Author: Leanora Benoit
Genres: YA Romance, YA Social/Family Issues
Format: eBook
Pages: 200
Date: September 23, 2016
Publisher: Indie

In the hot summer of 1950, a young girl looked down from her window enchanted with the arrangements for that evening’s party. On the lawn, musicians tuned their instruments and servers set tables on the lush, green grass that dripped with linin, silver and roses cut straight from the garden. But most beautiful of all was her mother.

She could not have known that in a few brief hours, her world would be shattered by tragedy.

Six years later, Adeline Jones is nineteen years old, wonderfully independent and on the road to the home of her childhood. She is drawn by memories of innocent, endless days by the lake, often thinking of her friends Matthew Rose and her very first love, the accidentally adorable, Harrison McIssac. Holding to the legacy that her mother left, Adeline is determined to become a woman of grace and virtue.

But, on her return, she finds that not all is as she imagined it to be. Looking-Glass Cottage has lain abandoned, falling into shocking decline and the discovery of a diary, written by her mother, threatens the very truths that Adeline has cherished all her life. Torn between the ardent affections of Matthew and her helpless adoration for Harrison, who has become a puzzle in and of himself, Adeline aches for the guidance of the mother she lost.

This is a story of childhood innocence and the messy confusing truth of growing up. With the witty and charming single mom, Betty Beachamp, at her side, Adeline must remember the girl she once was, to become the woman she hopes to be.

Caution: Mild swearing. Some intense anger and violence, but no abuse or death. Deep kissing. Discussion of morality and sexuality.

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About Leanora Benoit

Leanora Benoit

Leanora Benoit began to writing at a young age (sickly sentimental gibberish) with no regrets. With age, marriage and children, she has come to appreciate true love for what it is: pleasure in the simple things, a person to be goofy with, patience, charity and compassion while the path to love is a tangled, heartbreaking mess of a thing. That is what she writes. For the hope of more, the endurance of all else. It is our greatest adventure.

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