Finding Love with Centerfield by Meg Atwood

November 25, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Finding Love with Centerfield by Meg AtwoodFinding Love with Centerfield
Author: Meg Atwood
Series: Sunset Cove #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 243
Date: November 25, 2020
Publisher: Indie

He needs to fix his image. She needs the money. Is finding love even an option?

Rockets’ center fielder, Ky Jennings, needs to revamp his image and quick. His manager’s solution? Be the next bachelor on the reality TV show Finding Love. With over five million viewers, and the ability to spin the show in whatever direction they want, it’s the perfect solution. No biggie, since he’s not interested in love.

But sparks fly when Ky locks eyes with a hazel-eyed beauty who doesn’t seem to know—or care—who he is. One that he’s supposed to send home but everything in him screams not to.

Layla Cartwright has loved and lost and plans to never love again. Her cousin, the assistant director on Finding Love, must have missed the memo because she signed Layla up as a contestant on the show. Layla could say no, but the money from being eliminated would solve her financial problems.

Layla’s plan was simple. Dress up for a few hours, avoid the bachelor, get sent home with the consolation money, and finally be free.

What could go wrong?

Far more than she bargained for.

Rating: Mild. Mild kissing.


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About Meg Atwood

Meg Atwood

Meg Atwood is a full-time wife and mother to six amazing kids. She’s a part-time writer of clean, fun and flirty romance. She loves the outdoors and exercising—which is a good thing since sugar is one of her major food groups.

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