The Protective Patriot by Sarah Gay

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The Protective Patriot by Sarah GayThe Protective Patriot
Author: Sarah Gay
Series: Moore Family Romance #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 131
Date: March 17, 2019
Publisher: Indie

When Miles Moore, the new left tackle for the Georgia Patriots, enters the downtown Atlanta City Library one Friday evening, he doesn’t expect to experience love at first sight with the children’s librarian, save a woman’s life, or chase down her shooter. The night gets even more interesting when the woman he saves wakes in the hospital and tells him that if she dies, she wants Miles and the librarian to raise her child together. The catch: they need to get married, and quick, to gain custody of little girl or she risks being funneled into the government foster care system.

Tessa Stevens longs for a family she knows she’ll never have, but when she’s swept off her feet by Miles Moore, the handsome new football player in town with an impromptu kiss, she starts to wonder if she might get her own fairytale love story, after all. When her friend is mortally injured by her estranged husband, Miles sprints into action, becoming the ultimate protector. But who will protect Tessa’s heart when Miles finds out she’s been keeping secrets from him? Secrets that would change how he sees her. Will she live the fairytale and not tell him? Or will she live true to herself and risk everything she’s ever wanted?


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