Their White Christmas by Julia Keanini

December 2, 2019 | 0 Comments
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Their White Christmas by Julia KeaniniTheir White Christmas
Author: Julia Keanini
Series: Heathcliff Family Romances #9
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 131
Date: December 2, 2019
Publisher: Pickled Plum Publishing

Tessa Heathcliff has a pretty good grasp on love: it stinks. She’s seen it fail a number of times and knows the probability of it working out is not great. She is a scientist, after all. Over the years, she’s found it smarter to invest in something that will pay back the effort she puts into it. Something like her career. But she wakes up one morning to realize she’s overworked, underpaid, with no one to share her life with, and she wonders if she’s been right about love.

Jack Wheeler not only just lost his dad, but he’s about to lose their family ranch and home. Unable to allow that to happen, Jack does everything he can, including selling all of his personal belongings to protect the land that has been in their family for generations. But when even that isn’t enough, Jack isn’t sure what to do.

When Tessa flies to Blue Falls to spend Christmas with her family and she meets Jack, the chemistry is immediate. But she’s from New York, and his life is in Blue Falls. She’s one of the heirs to the Heathcliff billions, and he can barely scrape together his next mortgage payment. Can they see past their differences and find some common ground to cultivate their fledging love? Or will this Christmas come and go without any miracles?


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About Julia Keanini

Julia Keanini

Julia Keanini writes about girls who deal with what life throws at them and always about love. She loves the mountains and would adore the beach. A good book, a great song, or a huge piece of chocolate can lift her mood, but her true happiness is found in her little fam.

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