Camp Legend by Mikey Brooks

September 30, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Camp Legend by Mikey BrooksCamp Legend
Author: Michael/Mikey Brooks
Genres: MG Contemporary Fantasy
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 330
Date: September 30, 2020
Publisher: Lost Treasure Publishing

Welcome to CAMP LEGEND, where every kid is a true believer in legendary figures like Santa Claus, Cupid, the Easter Bunny, and even Bigfoot—well, almost everyone.

Twelve-year-old Taj Tennyson didn’t ask to go to Camp Legend but here he is, the only nonbeliever in the whole camp. So how did a kid who made it his life’s mission to debunk magic even get invited to a camp where kids spend their entire summer learning to become legendary figures? By accident really—well, maybe not exactly by accident.

Taj had set a trap to catch his parents pretending to be the Tooth Fairy, only the real Tooth Fairy got fried by the wire he’d connected to a couple nine-volt batteries instead. Before he knew it, he’d incapacitated her and unintentionally helped a group of bad guys named the Red Claw to kidnap her. Like I said, almost by accident. Because Taj saw the kidnapping, he is now under the watchful care of Father Time as part of the Legendary Witness Protection Program. Instead of spending his summer vacation building robots and taking it easy, he’s pretending to fit in with kids who practically worship the holiday seasons. Awkward! His only hope for returning to normal life is to find a way to fit in, or discover who kidnapped the Tooth Fairy and bring them to justice. Only, on his quest for freedom, he unearths a deadly plot that threatens not just the legendary figures but quite possibly the entire world—and it’s all his fault.

Rating: Mild. Mild (nonsexual) violence or horror.


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