Deal Breakers by Heather Tullis

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Deal Breakers by Heather TullisDeal Breakers
Author: Heather Tullis
Series: Crystal Creek Romance
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 50
Date: February 4, 2019
Publisher: Jelly Bean Press

Sometimes second chances come at the oddest moments.

The last place Colette wants to be stranded is the snowed-in Denver airport, especially when her sister is enduring chemo treatments and needs Colette’s help back home. When Colette runs into another stranded passenger—none other than former college boyfriend Drew—she can’t believe how much he’s changed… and hasn’t changed. Drew is still the same amazing guy that Colette was foolish enough to blow off for someone else. By the time she’d realized her mistake all those years ago, Drew’s heart had been too broken to give her a second chance. Now Colette can only hope that she can work her way back into his heart.

Drew hadn’t planned to spend his Valentine’s weekend with Colette but once he gets past his initial shock at seeing her, he realizes this is a chance to find closure that he’d never found. However, the more time he spends with her, the more he remembers why he had fallen for her in the first place. With 200 miles between them, was there a prayer that they could make a relationship work?

Originally published as part of the A Timeless Romance: Valentine’s Day Collection.


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About Heather Tullis

Heather Tullis has always loved romance, and read voraciously as a young teen (and even before). Writing it down eventually was inevitable. The DiCarlo Brides series is the first she’s published under this name, though she’s published eight other romances under another name. She loves gurgling brooks, chocolate pinwheel cakes and twinkle lights.

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