The Rockstar’s Bride by Elana Johnson

September 18, 2019 | 0 Comments
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The Rockstar’s Bride by Elana JohnsonThe Rockstar's Bride
Author: Elana Johnson
Series: Brides & Beaches #5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 218
Date: September 18, 2019
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works

Riley finds a watch and contacts the owner, only to learn he’s the lead singer and guitarist for a hugely popular band. Evan is only on the island of Getaway Bay for a friend’s wedding, but he’s intrigued by the gorgeous woman who returns his watch. Can they make a relationship work when they’re from two different worlds?

Riley Randall has worked the front desk at Your Tidal Forever for eight years. Eight years of smiling at new brides, being excited for her friends as they find Mr. Right, and working to ensure every wedding is spectacular.

And she wants her own Mr. Right and beautiful beach wedding.

When she finds a watch on an airplane, she manages to track down the owner—an Evan Garfield, lead singer for Georgia Panic, the #1 rock band in the country. Maybe even the world. Riley retreats, because Evan’s not a permanent resident of Getaway Bay, and there’s no way a superstar like him would be interested in a nobody like her.

Oh, but Evan is interested, and he manages to find Riley even after she flees the coffee shop where she met him to return the watch. As they start a romance on the island, Evan feels like he’s falling quickly.

But his agent needs him in LA. The band has some hard-nosed negotiating to do with their record label. New proposals are made for Evan to a solo artist. Will he be able to navigate the potholes of his career and keep Riley in his life? Or will she be forever destined to watch others find their happily-ever-after?


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About Elana Johnson

Elana Johnson

Elana Johnson is an author of YA novels and romance novels, as well as an elementary school teacher. Her work includes young adult speculative and romance under the pen name, Liz Isaacson. She co-founded the Query Tracker blog and WriteOnCon, and contributes to the League of Extraordinary Writers. She is also a mom to two kids, a weekday chef, and is dancing and writing her way through life with a flourish!

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