Author: M.L. Farb

Heartless Hette by M.L. Farb

Heartless Hette by M.L. Farb

Come to Germania, where a clockwork heart rules and a fool advises—and a laugh can bring both to their knees. When Princess Hette refuses a sorcerer’s proposal, he retaliates by stealing her heart—literally. Desperate to resist his influence, Hette makes herself emotionless, stifling all feelings until she can find her heart and win it back. The Court Fool is the only one who knows where […]

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Fourth Sister by M.L.  Farb

Fourth Sister by M.L. Farb

Shi, shi, fourth and death. Fourth sister and twin to death. Brother born silent. Blamed for her twin brother’s death, Shisei, the outcast fourth of seven sisters, apprentices herself to a mask maker; but when the local Kazoku accuses the youngest sister of killing his son, Shisei must lead her sisters in a deception that will either save the youngest or condemn them all. A […]

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Vasilisa by M.L. Farb

Vasilisa by M.L. Farb

“Forest born! Ogre child! You’re nothing but a demon wild!” Vasilisa has always been strong. She’s strong enough to break the arm of the bully that daily taunts her. She won’t because she and her mother are servants at the Orlov manor, and her mother would be punished for her retaliation. Instead Vasilisa bides her time until she is sixteen and can return to the […]

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The King’s Shadow by M.L.  Farb

The King’s Shadow by M.L. Farb

Two princes lead a war-broken people. One rules while the other serves in the shadows, haunted by encroaching death. Halavant overthrew his queen mother to save his people from slavery, and now she seeks his life. Yosyph acts as the new king’s eyes and ears, but being invisible comes at great cost and his life is slipping away. To save his closest friend, Halavant travels […]

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The King’s Trial by M.L. Farb

The King’s Trial by M.L. Farb

In a land where stories of the Shadow Demon keep children shivering in bed and tales of the Yorel bring hope to the commoner, Yosyph is both the reason for their fear and their hope. By day Yosyph appears nothing more than a mute tavern-hand. By night he plans a revolution and slips through shadow, rescuing those marked for death by the xenophobic queen. When […]

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