Night at the Opera by Stacy Henrie

October 16, 2018 | 1 Comment

Night at the Opera by Stacy HenrieNight at the Opera
Author: Stacy Henrie
Series: American Heiress #1
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 276
Date: October 16, 2018
Publisher: Mirror Press

An unforgettable kiss. A kaleidoscope of senses. A night she’ll always remember.

— 1908 —

When American heiress Gwen Barton aids an injured gentleman in an opera box in London, she shares a kiss with the stranger that changes her life. More determined than ever to be herself, in spite of the limp she’s sustained since childhood, she will marry for love and not a title. She also resolves to learn the identity of the man she helped—and kissed. Surely he can’t be the irritating Avery Winfield, though. But as circumstances continue to throw Gwen and Avery together, she begins to wonder if there is more to this man than she first thought.

While most of London only knows him as the nephew of a duke, Avery Winfield is actually working for the Secret Service Bureau to ferret out German spies from among the ton. It’s a profession that gives him purpose and a reason to remain a bachelor. But the more he interacts with Gwen Barton, an heiress from America, the more he begins to question his plans and neglected faith. Then he learns Gwen is the young lady from the opera box who helped him. Now his most important mission may have nothing to do with saving Britain from danger and everything to do with risking his heart for the woman he met that night at the opera.

Rating: All Ages. No offensive content, but would only be of interest to older readers.


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One response to “Night at the Opera by Stacy Henrie

  1. Maria

    I enjoyed this book. It was different having an American in England for the season. I liked both Gwen and Avery. I liked that they were real with each other and not putting on false airs. I did question the believability of the first kiss but since the whole rest of the book was based on that kiss I chose to overlook that and just enjoyed the story. I liked that Gwen was a strong character even though her body suffered weakness.

    It is Christian lit but not over done. There are a few discussions about belief and faith in God but not over the top sermons. I felt like Gwen’s beliefs were a part of her core and therefore a natural part of conversation.

    I did wonder a few times about Avery’s spying ability but having never been a spy I can only suppose his oversights may be typically human.

    I’ve only ever read a novella of this author before but I would love to read more of her works.

    No sex or language
    Violence: some, attempted murder. Not overly graphic

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