Rule #2 Don’t Fall for a Blind Date by Taylor Hart and Bella Grace

August 17, 2021 | 1 Comment
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Rule #2 Don’t Fall for a Blind Date by Taylor Hart and Bella GraceRule #2 Don't Fall for a Blind Date
Author: Taylor Hart
Series: Rules of Dating #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Date: August 7, 2021
Publisher: ArchStone Ink

She knows how blind dates end… and it’s not in a love story.

Especially when the blind date ends up being… the guy who broke her heart twenty years ago.

All Tori wants to do is forget her cheating ex and the end of her 19-year marriage by hiding away in Haven, Montana. Good thing her grandmother left her a house right on the lake. Too bad the house is falling apart. When her meddling neighbor wants to set her up on a blind date, it’s not just no, it’s heck to the no! Never! She doesn’t want a relationship ever again!

Levi Jackson, ex-Navy SEAL is only back in Haven to build a house, then profit and reinvest the money in his dream project in Alaska. A dream project that will land him on easy street. He deserves easy street after losing his wife to cancer five years ago and recently getting shot.

When his mother guilt trips him into going on a blind date, he never imagined that the woman he’d be going with would be the woman who broke his heart twenty years ago. The chemistry between them surprises him and he doesn’t know if it started when she slipped onto the back of his motorcycle for the blind date or when he ‘accidentally’ kissed her the next day. The only thing he knows is that this whole thing means nothing. Nothing at all.

As truths from the past get revealed, both of them will have to make a choice; open their hearts to love again or let the lies of the past destroy what could have been the best blind date ever!


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About Taylor Hart

Taylor Hart is a best selling amazon contemporary romance author. Taylor has always been drawn to a good love triangle, hot chocolate and long conversations with new friends. Writing has always been a passion that has consumed her daydreams and forced her to sit in a trance for long hours, completely obsessed with people that don’t really exist.

One response to “Rule #2 Don’t Fall for a Blind Date by Taylor Hart and Bella Grace

  1. Maria

    This might be my fav of Ms. Hart’s books. It was sweet, clean and I enjoy a second chance romance.
    I liked the main characters and his meddling mother. The ex, of course, was horrible. And my one complaint might be that he got off too easily. But it was an enjoyable read.

    Christian themes
    Sex: no
    Language: no
    Violence: no

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