The Trouble with Fairy Godmothers by Kimberly King

July 28, 2018 | 0 Comments
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The Trouble with Fairy Godmothers by Kimberly KingThe Trouble with Fairy Godmothers
Author: Kimberly King
Series: Magical Troubles #1
Genres: YA Paranormal/Contemporary
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 232
Date: July 28, 2018
Publisher: Indie

All Nikki Baker wants is her first kiss. All her fairy godmother wants is to get the job done as quickly as possible. Hilarious adventures follow when Nikki discovers her fairy godmother’s magic isn’t quite up to par… along with her taste in boys. Nobody is safe as spells bounce around from the school’s biggest nerd to the biggest jerk in ninth grade, and everyone else in between.

As love triangles grow ridiculously complicated, Nikki soon discovers that being a boy magnet has its downside. One best friend starts hating her, and another stops at nothing to prevent Nikki from getting her happily ever after. Is love really worth the cost of friendship? Nikki must decide for herself, but that means betraying either her best friends… or her impatient fairy godmother.

Rating: All Ages. But of interest to Young Adult and older readers.


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About Kimberly King

Kimberly King

Kimberly King graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in English. She went on to become an editor for a phone book company, and then later, a poetry and essay contest judge. She lives in Utah with her husband, six children, two cats and one dog. Her dream is to travel to Antarctica someday.

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