Site Stats began as in the spring of 2013, as a spin-off from We add new content in the form of spotlight posts for new fiction releases by LDS authors almost every day, Monday through Friday, excluding some holidays. Spotlights go back to 2008 and I’m always adding books I missed in past years.

In addition to spotlights here on this site, we post new releases to our social media accounts.

There’s also a weekly newsletter that sends links to the posts straight to our readers’ inboxes.

We sponsor regular contests and giveaways to entice readers to visit the site and to read fiction by LDS authors—and it’s working! We’re adding new visitors and followers every day.



Most of our visitors are readers who love fiction and who want to support LDS authors and values. Others visitors include authors and publishers. The demographics (based on those who enter contests) indicate a large majority of our visitors are women, 25 and older. Many have commented that they visit to get book recommendations for themselves and ideas for gifts for their family members.


Recent stats are:

(updated 8/2023)

10,000+ website hits per month

2.3k Followers on Facebook Page

690+ Followers on Instagram

600+ Followers on Pinterest;  with 71.8k monthly viewers

1,200+ Newsletter subscribers; with 52% open rate

We also run a Reading Challenge group (700+  members) and have an Author/Publisher Group (200+ members) on Facebook.