Rogue of Taurus by Emily Debenham

August 14, 2022 | 0 Comments
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Rogue of Taurus by Emily DebenhamRogue of Taurus
Author: Emily Debenham
Genres: Historical, Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 288
Date: August 14, 2022
Publisher: Kindle Press

A modern fantasy heroine in an ancient Roman culture

Livia Fabius, a Taurus house patrician, leaves for her first semester of college intending to build a life outside of Caesarea. Considered a rogue, she experiences contempt from Caesarean society rather than the acceptance she desires. Then Corvin Tullius, son of the Paterfamilias of Lupus house, shows up as a student on campus. At first, Livia hates having Corvin around but the longer they are together the harder it gets to hide her long-suppressed attraction to him. When they return to Caesarea for the fall founding festival Livia confronts her lack of status and her true feelings to Corvin.

Rating: Moderate. Mild crude humor; mild kissing; mild language; non-graphic sexual references; moderate violence or horror.


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