4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss

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4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace
Author: Johan Twiss
Genres: YA General
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 278
Date: December 9, 2016
Publisher: Twiss Publishing

Diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis, fourteen-year-old Aaron Greenburg is paralyzed from head to toe.

Doctors believe he is essentially brain dead and unaware of his surroundings, but Aaron is very much aware—trapped in his own mind with no way to communicate.

To cope with his imprisonment, he retreats to a magical place called his Mind Palace, but strange and unexplainable things occur when he gets a new patient as a roommate—an old, outspoken, Jewish jazz musician, named Solomon.

Rating: Mild+. Mild crude humor; mild substance use; some violence or horror.


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About Johan Twiss

Johan Twiss

Johan Twiss is passionate about writing clean science fiction and fantasy stories that are not only exciting, but suitable for tweens, teens and adults alike. Besides being an author, Johan Twiss is also a husband, a father, a church volunteer, and a business owner.

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