Brush Creek Brides: A Wedding for the Widower by Liz Isaacson

June 13, 2017 | 1 Comment
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Brush Creek Brides: A Wedding for the Widower by Liz IsaacsonA Wedding for the Widower
Author: Liz Isaacson
Series: Brush Creek Brides #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 149
Date: June 13, 2017
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works

Former rodeo champion and cowboy Walker Thompson trains horses at Brush Creek Horse Ranch, where he lives a simple life in his cabin with his ten-year-old son, Michael. A widower of six years, he’s just trying to provide a life for Michael that his late wife would’ve approved of. He’s worked with Tess Wagner, a widow who came to Brush Creek to escape the turmoil of her life to give her seven-year-old son, Graham, a slower pace of life. Together, they run a cotton candy stand at the town’s Heritage Festival every fall, donating the money they raise to the National Widows & Widowers Foundation to help those who’ve suffered the way they have.

Walker’s boss and best friend, ranch owner Landon Edmunds, has encouraged him to start dating, and Walker looks no further than Tess. She’s interested in him too, but neither of them wants to inflict more sorrow and suffering on the other than they’ve already endured. So when Tess confesses that her breast cancer has flared up again, Walker backs off. Way off.

In the end, he’ll have to decide if he’d rather spend even a short time with Tess and Graham than not have them in his life at all. Tess wants to feel God’s love and power, but she’ll have to discover and accept God’s will in order to find her happy ending.

The Brush Creek Brides series is a spin-off series from the bestselling Gold Valley Romance novel, THROUGH THE MIST, also by Liz Isaacson.

Rating: Mild+. Mild kissing; mild sensuality.

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About Liz Isaacson

Elana Johnson

Liz Isaacson is the pen name for Elana Johnson as she writes inspirational romances. She loves all things cowboys, and will write romance in Texas, Wyoming, and anywhere else she can find horses and mountains.

One response to “Brush Creek Brides: A Wedding for the Widower by Liz Isaacson

  1. Maria

    This is a quick read, clean and sweet. Deals with difficult topics since both main characters have lost spouses and are raising a son as a single parent and it also deals with breast cancer. None of those things are easy in life. Due to the nature of a novel that is not very long, it is difficult to delve too deeply into those things but it was enough to get me thinking about them.

    The religious themes are a little heavier than most of the other books I’ve read by this author but it wasn’t over the top. This book was themed with the idea that one needs to have faith in God’s plan for us. It wasn’t so much a part of the book that you can’t overlook or ignore the religious content but if you don’t want Christian themed books you should probably choose a different book anyway.

    Sex: a few kisses, mild innuendo as a married couple
    language: no
    Violence: no

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