Pine Valley: Say You Love Me by Heather B. Moore

April 17, 2018 | 3 Comments
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Pine Valley: Say You Love Me by Heather B. MooreSay You Love Me
Author: Heather B. Moore
Series: Pine Valley #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 200
Date: April 17, 2018
Publisher: Mirror Press

Clara Benson is not looking for a relationship, especially not after her losing her teaching position, followed by a disastrous breakup with her fiancé, and the sudden death of the grandma who raised her. In fact, Clara picks up and moves to escape her mess of memories. She hopes that Pine Valley will be the perfect place to heal from heartache.

When she meets her boss’s lawyer, Dawson Harris, Clara can’t deny her attraction. Yet she’s determined to choose herself, and her healing, over a guy who might be charming, attractive, and oh, so appealing. Easy, right? But when Dawson becomes the one person who can straighten out her mess, she realizes that finding herself doesn’t have to be mean losing Dawson.


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About Heather B. Moore

Heather B. Moore

Heather B. Moore is a USA Today bestselling author of more than a dozen historical novels and thrillers, written under pen name H.B. Moore. She writes women’s fiction, romance and inspirational non-fiction under Heather B. Moore.

3 responses to “Pine Valley: Say You Love Me by Heather B. Moore

  1. After being cheated on by her fiancé, losing her job as a kindergareten teacher, and having her beloved grandmother die, Clara Benson packs up and starts over in Pine Valley. She finds a job working for a local real estate agent and soothe her hurting soul. When she meets Dawson Harris, she is instantly attracted but she also knows she’s not in a place to pursue a relationship. But Dawson, still hurting from his divorce but willing to move forward, is persistent, and persuades Clara to spend time with him. Clara could use a friend–but is it really possible for her to only be friends with Dawson?

    This was a sweet, clean romance. Clara and Dawson were both realistic characters, with interesting back stories. I enjoyed seeing their unfolding romance. There was good chemistry between the two.
    Although this is the third book in the series, the books are stand-alones and can be read in any order.

    I received a copy of the book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

  2. Maria

    Quick-can read in an afternoon, sweet, clean read that could be made into a Hallmark movie. A little predictable but we want the main characters to be together from the beginning and sorrow when they are pulled apart. But that only means we can rejoice when they come back together, right? I feel like Dawson is the star of the book but perhaps that is because he is willing to read romance books just to have something in common with Clara. -Swoon- I feel like that when my husband is willing to watch movies like Pride and Prejudice (the long version even) with me…. I also liked that he is willing to give Clara the space she needed to figure out life yet was there for her the second she needed help even though there was no assurance that she was ready to be in a relationship.

    Sex: some kisses and reference to Dawson’s first marriage being the result of an unplanned pregnancy (no details). One reference to “intimacy”.
    Language: no
    Violence: no

  3. 4 stars

    Say You Love Me was such a cute story that showed how you can overcome betrayal and loss to find joy and happiness again. I enjoyed this book, but I did have a harder time feeling connected to Clara and Dawson. I feel they are AMAZING characters and everything else about the book was lovely, I just had a harder time connecting, so it still gets 4 stars. From the first book I was hoping we would get to learn more about Dawson and his life so I was very excited to read this one and find out more about why he is the way he is.

    Author Heather B. Moore is doing such a lovely job with the Pine Valley series that really helps you feel like you know each person in town as well as gets you to want to visit or even move to this town. I look forward to reading the rest of the series as this has been such a lovely light relaxing series so far.

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