Twisted by Michaelbrent Collings

December 9, 2014 | 1 Comment

Twisted by Michaelbrent CollingsTwisted
Author: Michaelbrent Collings
Genres: Horror
Format: eBook
Pages: 319
Date: December 9, 2014
Publisher: Indie

The Douglas family just wants to live their lives, and maybe find a bit of happiness. But when the ghost in their home breaks out of a centuries-long sleep, all hope for happiness will die. Because the thing that haunts them is not just evil… It is something much, much worse.

Watching them from the shadows.

Hungry to start killing once more.

And thirsty for the blood of the children, the blood he has so long been denied.

The thing that haunts them is not just evil. It is twisted.


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About Michaelbrent Collings

Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally bestselling novelist, a #1 bestseller in the U.S., and has been one of Amazon’s top selling horror writers for years. He is one of the most successful indie horror writers in the United States, as well as a produced screenwriter and member of the WGA, HWA, and several other writing groups with cool-sounding letters. He’s also a martial artist, and cooks awesome waffles (’cause he’s macho like that).

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