Pandora by Jennifer Griffith

August 6, 2015 | 1 Comment

Pandora by Jennifer GriffithPandora
Author: Jennifer Griffith
Series: Goddesses & Geeks #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 219
Date: August 5, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Blake Wells seems to have it made: the wealthy bachelor life, Kennedy-esque good looks, rising political star. The tabloids love him. But one barracuda date after another drains his hopes for finding a girl who’s sincere.

So when his Chief of Staff insists he take a beach vacation, Blake doesn’t go expecting to meet Cressida, the perfect girl. Shazam! She’s seriously a goddess. And even though she protests that she’s bad luck, he’s a goner.

But when a string of crazy (albeit hilarious) coincidences threatens to sink his career, Blake must choose whether to save his campaign or save the love of his life.

If he wants to get this goddess, he’ll have to break her curse.


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About Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer is a wife and a mom of five weathering the chaos by writing escapist fiction. Jennifer has no plans to write the Great American Novel. She’d rather compose what someone would read on a rainy afternoon with a cup of cocoa, or sitting on a beach chair while the waves crash. Light, frothy, gone.

One response to “Pandora by Jennifer Griffith

  1. MomIsReading

    Blake Wells is one of the most eligible bachelors in Washington D.C. He’s good looking, wealthy and a congressman. And he is tired of dating and having women throw themselves at him. He heads to the Bahamas to take a vacation from dating and women. As he lies on the sand, he sees the most beautiful woman walk down the beach. Maybe staying away from all women isn’t exactly what he wants to do.

    Cressida looks like a goddess, and Blake is instantly smitten. She insists that she is cursed and will only bring him bad luck, but Blake doesn’t believe in luck. As a series of mishaps continue to occur, with Blake at the center, he has a decision to make. Will he try to save his re-election bid and his wealth, or will he help the woman he loves?

    Pandora is the first book in the Goddesses and Geeks Series. Having always loved mythology, the title and series name intrigued me right away. I wouldn’t call Blake a geek by any means. However, his staffer Rider, who loves all things conspiracy, would definitely fit that label. Rider was one of my favorite characters! He had an adorable, conspiracy geek way of talking and acting no matter what situation he was in.

    Blake was strong and good and had a desire to protect both Cressida and others. As soon as he saw Cressida, he was like a puppy that would follow her anywhere. It was quite cheesy at times! But I guess I can forgive him to some extent. She is a goddess after all. While his initial overwhelming desire to know her was all based on the physical, I appreciated that as he came to know her as a person, his attraction to her only increased.

    Cressida is graceful, gentle, intelligent and caring, which is discerned easily through the writing. She is obviously drawn to Blake as well.

    In the author’s note, Ms. Griffith, speaking of the book, says, “I hope it was a fun little escape.” Pandora is exactly that! It is a book you can sit down, relax, have a few laughs and just escape with. If you don’t mind a little cheese, I think you will really enjoy this book!

    I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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