The Unsame Ones by Stephanie Skeem

February 22, 2016 | 0 Comments
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The Unsame Ones by Stephanie SkeemThe Unsame Ones
Author: Stephanie Skeem
Genres: YA Science Fiction
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: February 22, 2016
Publisher: Lost and Found Publishing

I am a Same One.

I was born same, I have lived same, and I will die same.

I am January.

I am Same.

I bear the same name as a million other Januaries just like me. I have the same genetic makeup, the same job, the same goals, and the same dreams. I am good at what I do. I was made for my job, and my job was made for me. I am same.

I have lived the same as every other January like me for 17 years. And a year from now, on the first of January, I will die from the same genetic defect every January has died from.

No January has ever lived past 18. No January has ever wanted to. Until now.

I believe I have been infected with the Unsame Virus. My head aches, throbs, and pounds
without ever stopping. I know I must turn myself in. That is the only logical thing to do.
It all started with the hideous Unsame One that crossed my path, and thrust a strange object into my hands. It is he who is to blame, and it is I who must fight this. I cannot shut out my master, keeper, and overseer, Time—nor disobey the clock. I will forever march to its dictates, and remain true.

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