Fire and Steel: The Shadow Falls by Gerald N. Lund

November 7, 2016 | 1 Comment
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Fire and Steel: The Shadow Falls by Gerald N. LundThe Shadow Falls
Author: Gerald N. Lund
Series: Fire and Steel #3
Genres: General Historical
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 512
Date: November 7, 2016
Publisher: Deseret Book

How do good people mistake evil for good? Is it possible for an entire nation to be deceived?

In the third volume of master storyteller Gerald N. Lund’s dynamic new series, the Eckhardt family finds itself clinging to hope in a nation on the brink of collapse. Work is scarce, food has become an extravagance, and money is practically worthless. War-torn Germany has been battered down and humiliated on an international scale, and the people have lost the pride and conviction that once carried them.

Living in such desperate circumstances leaves the people vulnerable to fall for a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Hans Eckhardt is not immune. His friend Adolf is charismatic, driven, a man of vision—seemingly, everything that Germany needs. While a few suspect that this rising new political leader may not be the rescuer they seek, many more are quick to turn a blind eye to the warning signs.

But there are bright spots amid the bleakness. Faith and family continue to provide joy and solace as life journeys forward. And a visit from two former LDS missionaries and their families brings a spark of excitement to the Eckhardts. Family life seems to be the one area unmarred by the turmoil all around them—until personal tragedy strikes.

Join the Eckhardts and their American friends the Westlands as they unknowingly dive into a momentous turning point in the world’s history.

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One response to “Fire and Steel: The Shadow Falls by Gerald N. Lund

  1. Stephanie

    3.5 stars. I’m very interested in the story, but the author’s over-telling and over explaining bothered me more in this book. There were times information was repeated when it didn’t need to be or just over explained. A lot of times the characters would say things like “let me explain my reasons. First, second, third…” or “This is what I’m going to tell you and then I want to ask you some questions…” I think the series just needs more editing to remove those problems. That being said, I love reading his books, because I find the way the author fits his fictional characters into the true history very interesting and so helpful in understanding what the time was like. I was not aware of all the details of how Hitler slowly came to power and reading this gave me so much insight into how it was able to happen. Also I didn’t realize how bad things truly were for Germany at this time. I’m anxious for the next book to be released so I can see how the story progresses

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