Of Sand and Storm by Amber Argyle

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Of Sand and Storm by Amber ArgyleOf Sand and Storm
Author: Amber Argyle
Series: Fairy Queens #5
Genres: YA Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 171
Date: August 11, 2016
Publisher: Starling Publishing

By law, any child born in Idara is free, even if that child is born in a slave brothel. But as Cinder grows into a beauty that surpasses even that of her mother and grandmother, she realizes that freedom is only a word. There are other words too, stronger words. Words like betrayal and prison and death. And there are words even stronger still. Words like courage and family and love.

In the end, if Cinder is to escape the fate of her matriarchs, she’ll have to fight for her freedom. Because true freedom is never free.

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About Amber Argyle

Amber Argyle is the number-one bestselling and award winning author of the Witch Song Series and Fairy Queens series. In her novels, good always triumphs over evil. Though sometimes just barely.

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