Catching Coy by Raneé S. Clark

January 27, 2020 | 1 Comment
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Catching Coy by Raneé S. ClarkCatching Coy
Author: Raneé S. Clark
Series: Love in Little River #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Date: January 27, 2020
Publisher: Sweetly Us Press

From the moment Coy Jones lays eyes on Bellamy Hansen, he knows he’s falling in love. Despite the sparks flying between the two, there’s one problem: Bellamy is not one of the eight women competing for Coy’s heart on the popular dating reality show, The Catch. She’s the manager of the trendy Ranch House bed and breakfast where the show is set this season in the small town of Little River.

Amidst their fast-growing friendship, he finds himself turning to Bellamy for advice about the women who are on the show. Bellamy knows it’s a terrible idea to fall for him, especially if she doesn’t want to lose the trust of The Ranch House’s exclusive clientele, yet she can’t seem to help herself.

Eager to see if what they have is real, Coy convinces Bellamy to join the contestants in a competition for his heart. Suddenly she’s fighting for him amidst jealousy, drama and lies, and more than one woman there for the wrong reasons. With the pressure of the show, both of them can’t help wondering, did they toss their hearts in the ring only to have them shattered?


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About Raneé S. Clark

Ranee S. Clark

Ranee` S. Clark and her personal superhero, her husband, live in Alaska where they are raising three future super-villains. When she’s not breaking up impromptu UFC fights in her living room or losing to one of her sons at Uno, she loves to read and write. She has a bachelors degree in history that is probably useless, but she had a lot of fun earning it. She blogs about writing, reading, and editing.

One response to “Catching Coy by Raneé S. Clark

  1. Maria

    My disclaimer here is that I hate reality show television. Like, really hate it. I don’t really get how people get sucked in to watching every season. So reading a book about a reality tv show isn’t exactly my normal choice. Still, I liked this book much better than the first in the series. Mostly because I liked the main characters better. I liked both Coy and Bellamy. I found some parts of the story annoying as I would if I were watching the show on tv. Just the idea of people who don’t know each other and couldn’t possibly have real feelings for each other making out all the time bugs me. And the manipulative nature of how shows are edited for ratings is another thing that bugs me. So why did I like the book anyway? Aside from liking the characters better I also think the author did a good job writing about the topic. She didn’t try to gloss over the manipulated parts. I felt like we were getting a behind the scenes story. I suspect it was probably tamer than the behind the scenes of a real reality tv show though.

    So if you want a little fluff romance reading, this could be a good choice. Sit back and enjoy it.

    No sex, language or violence but a bunch of making out.

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