Powerless Nation: Sabotage by Ellisa Barr

August 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

Powerless Nation: Sabotage by Ellisa BarrSabotage
Author: Ellisa Barr
Series: Powerless Nation #3
Genres: YA Futuristic
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 222
Date: August 20, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Ever since the EMP the previous summer, they’d had nothing Dee once considered necessary for life. No hair dryer, internet, trips to the mall. Eight months without a cell phone!

Society had crumbled, and it had only bee a few weeks since a homicidal sheriff had kidnapped her boyfriend’s little brother and they’d had to fight to get him back.

And Dee’s parents hadn’t been there for any of it!

They are home from their ill-fated cruise now, but there’s no time to adjust to life “off-grid.” A menacing ex-military leader threatens their small town. After Dee narrowly avoids being conscripted into his youth army, she is forced to watch her friends suffer at his hands.

Dee will risk everything to rescue her loved ones!

Caution: PG rating for mild swearing.

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