Thawing the Viscount’s Heart by Mindy Burbidge Strunk

November 7, 2020 | 1 Comment
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Thawing the Viscount’s Heart by Mindy Burbidge StrunkThawing the Viscount's Heart
Author: Mindy Burbidge Strunk
Series: Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair #3
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 219
Date: November 7, 2020
Publisher: FiveJoys Press

Spending Christmastide with her was the last thing he wanted.

After the death of her father, Gabriella Babineaux, left France to live under the protection of a family friend in England. The Frost Fair on the Thames seems the perfect place to begin her introduction into English Society, but when she bumps into a gentleman on the ice and he dismisses her merely for being French, she worries she will be a dismal failure at the upcoming Season. How will she ever find love if she cannot even fit in?

Aaron Campbell returned from the Napoleonic wars to assume a family title that was never meant to be his. A fact his mother never fails to point out to him. Hoping to escape his responsibilities for a few hours, Aaron attends the Frost Fair where he bumps into a French girl whose voice triggers unpleasant memories of betrayal. Now he cannot seem to push the voice from the past out of his mind. When Aaron returns to his country estate for Christmastide, the last thing he expects is to spend the holiday with the woman from the fair—the woman who reminds him of all he’s tried to forget.

As their time together passes, Aaron begins to see differences between the woman in his house and the one who betrayed him. But can he allow himself to overlook her heritage and instead see her as the woman he loves?


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About Mindy Burbidge Strunk

Mindy Burbridge Strunk

Mindy loves all things history and romance, which makes reading and writing Regency romance right up her alley. When she isn’t living in her alternate realities, she is married to her real-life Mr. Darcy and trying to raise five proper boys. They live happily in the beautiful mountains of Utah.

One response to “Thawing the Viscount’s Heart by Mindy Burbidge Strunk

  1. Maria

    This is an enjoyable read. The prejudice against the French, while understandable perhaps in the middle of a war with Napoleon, was rather shocking to my sensibilities. Definitely didn’t beat around the bush on that one. But Gabrielle was good to those who misused her showing herself to be a truly good person and once Aaron got over his prejudice I liked him too and could root for them to have their happily ever after.

    Love the theme of this series with the Frost Fair.

    Sex: no
    Language: no
    Violence: perilous situation

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