Pride & Politics by Brittany Larsen

May 16, 2016 | 1 Comment
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Pride & Politics by Brittany LarsenPride & Politics
Author: Brittany Larsen
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 272
Date: May 5, 2016
Publisher: Covenant

As the daughter of a well-known senator, Summer Knight is all too familiar with the nasty side of politics. She’s always stayed out of the drama, until an incident involving her fellow Mormons drives her out of her hometown—and out of the Church. What she needs is a change of scene, and sunny California seems like just the place.

Enter Benson Hardy. He’s just her type—until she finds out who he is. Not only is Benson a nephew to her father’s political rival, he’s also a devout member of the Church. The last thing Summer wants is to be mixed up in politics—or religion. But Benson challenges her like no one else, asking the tough questions about her inactivity.

Though their incompatibility is clear, their connection is undeniable, and soon Summer finds the embers of her faith reigniting. Just as it seems that the pair might be on the road to romance, a series of embarrassing misunderstandings—and the appearance of a handsome charmer determined to sweep Summer off her feet—knock the couple completely off course.

As Summer finds herself at a crossroads, she must decide if she’s willing to set her pride aside for a shot at true love.

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One response to “Pride & Politics by Brittany Larsen

  1. Julie

    This is an an interesting twist on the classic story, but I have a mixed review. I found the events that took place so far-fetched and contrived! The characters, although real, are hard for me to relate to, and I don’t understand the things that kept them apart. But I love the end, and I appreciate the challenges that Summer worked through that changed her.

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