Brush Creek Brides: A Companion for the Cowboy by Liz Isaacson

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Brush Creek Brides: A Companion for the Cowboy by Liz IsaacsonA Companion for the Cowboy
Author: Liz Isaacson
Series: Brush Creek Brides #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 134
Date: July 4, 2017
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works

Cowboy and professional roper Justin Jackman has found solitude at Brush Creek Horse Ranch, preferring his time with the animals he trains over dating. With two failed engagements in his past, he’s not really interested in getting his heart stomped on again. But when flirty and fun Renee Martin picks him up at a church ice cream bar–on a bet, no less–he finds himself more than just a little interested.

Renee’s living with her cousin in Brush Creek, having just graduated from college. She’s not ready to be an adult, has no idea what she wants to do for a career, and generally wishes everyone would just let her figure things out. She starts working for Dinosaur National Park, which has an hour-long commute that she spends thinking about Justin. With a decade separating their ages, she comes to realize that they’re from different generations.

His Gen-X attitudes are attractive to her; her Millennial behaviors drive him nuts. Can Justin look past their differences and take a chance on another engagement? And if he does, will Renee be mature enough and ready for a serious relationship? Justin and Renee will have to figure out how to pray and how to listen to God to find a way to their happily-ever-after.

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About Liz Isaacson

Elana Johnson

Liz Isaacson is the pen name for Elana Johnson as she writes inspirational romances. She loves all things cowboys, and will write romance in Texas, Wyoming, and anywhere else she can find horses and mountains.

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