Taming the Mountain Man by Jeanette Lewis

December 20, 2018 | 1 Comment

Taming the Mountain Man by Jeanette LewisTaming the Mountain Man
Author: Jeanette Lewis
Series: Tamarack Ridge Romances #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 165
Date: December 18, 2018
Publisher: Indie

This wasn’t how the fake date thing was supposed to work. You weren’t actually supposed to fall for the person. Right?

Jennica Waverly has worked at the same job since high school and her relationship with her long-time boyfriend is in slow motion. She’s looking for change, and not just because her mother calls her a failure to launch. With each day the same as the one before, she’s afraid the future she’s dreamed about with her own family, home, and husband is slipping out of her reach.

Jack Hale is happy with his life working at the lumber mill by day and making custom knives by night. He’s been burned by love before and now he’s scruffy and solitary … and he intends to keep it that way.

When Jennica’s relationship falls apart right before a big family wedding, she convinces Jack to be her date and pretend boyfriend. Jennica and Jack hit it off in unexpected ways and soon, Jennica thinks there isn’t much that’s fake in this fake romance. But, Jack will have to move past his heartache and Jennica will have to let go of the life she’d planned if these two are going to let their love grow.

Rating: Mild+. Mild kissing; mild sensuality.


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About Jeanette Lewis

Jeanette Lewis

Jeanette Lewis is a bestselling author of clean romance novels. Dreaming up stories has always been one of Jeanette’s favorite things. Other favorites include family, friends, crisp Autumn days, having adventures, and frozen gummy bears.

One response to “Taming the Mountain Man by Jeanette Lewis

  1. Maria

    I think to me the sweetest part of this story is Jennica and Jack’s first interaction with each other many years earlier, even though Jack doesn’t even know it was her. That made me like Jack more than anything else in the book did.

    As I read the book I thought there would be readers who would find it unlikely that someone would refuse to have a cell phone. Too unbelievable to be true. But I can assure you that this happens. My husband refused to get a cell phone stating that he would like to be the last man on earth without one. It took years for me to convince him to get one and now he does own a prepaid one but pretty much only uses it when he travels or under duress. So yes, this scenario is believable to me.

    It was unclear to me how Jennica got herself into the “failure to launch” situation. Did I just miss it? When she figured out she didn’t want to do one thing in her life why did she not move on to something else instead. Did her Grandmother need her to stay? I kept thinking that the best thing she could do would be to move away from home. Even if she didn’t want to go to college she needed to work somewhere else where her family wouldn’t be harping on her to live up to their expectations to get married yesterday, if possible, and have babies tomorrow. Her family annoyed me even though they weren’t actually in the book all that much.

    Jack was holding himself back also by allowing his past heartbreak to rule his future. I just hope that the two of them together can make them move forward in life better than they did on their own.

    No sex, language or violence

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