Salem Bewitched by Theresa Sneed

September 13, 2019 | 0 Comments
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Salem Bewitched by Theresa SneedSalem Bewitched
Author: Theresa Sneed
Series: Salem Witch Haunt #3
Genres: Other Speculative
Format: eBook
Pages: 242
Date: September 13, 2019
Publisher: Indie

Accused as a witch in Salem 1692, teenage time-traveler, Bess Martin, narrowly escapes back to the twenty-first century. But she accidentally brings friends from Salem with her, including Hezekiah, the handsome young man who has stolen her heart.

Warned that time travel was messing with her mind, Bess is reluctant to return again, but wants to help the unwitting travelers. Once back in Salem, she discovers a problem with the timeline she caused and now must fix. Unfortunately, it’s just days before the last of the hangings and the pressing to death of Giles Corey.

Knowing she’ll witness the gruesome deaths of the accused, how will she be able to hold her quick tongue and not suffer the same fate as those hanged that horrific day in September?


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About Theresa Sneed

Theresa writes in a variety of genres—mystery and suspense, fantasy, historical fiction/time travel, and realistic paranormal. She enjoys weaving stories of fantasy and adventure that bring about moments of wonder and reflection. She is the author of the No Angel series. Theresa enjoys reading and writing clean fantasy, romance, and suspense.

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