Riland Throne: The Crystal King by John M. Olsen

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Riland Throne: The Crystal King by John M. OlsenThe Crystal King
Author: John M. Olsen
Series: Riland Throne #1
Genres: YA Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 309
Date: October 17, 2017
Publisher: Immortal Works Press

An army has overrun and destroyed the royal council and much of the kingdom of Riland’s leadership. Now Gavin Stoutheart’s father, the baron, is missing, along with Gavin’s brother the heir—both presumed dead.

After tormenting his instructors and father for years with his rebellious antics, Gavin must step up to lead his people as they flee before an invading army, one that can outpace his motley collection of castle staff, peasants, and children. Gavin’s only hope for survival is the forbidden animal magic wielded by his closest friends combined with his gift for strategy as he searches for allies along their trail.

Will it be enough to keep them alive as they desperately trek through a fractured, leaderless kingdom? For the army of human and animal predators will show no mercy.

Rating: Moderate. Moderate violence or horror.


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About John M. Olsen

John M. Olsen

John M Olsen reads and writes many genres as the mood strikes. He devoured his father’s library in his teen years and has merged that library with his own in order to pass a love of learning on to the next generation. He lives in Utah with his lovely wife and a variable number of mostly grown children and a constantly changing subset of extended family.

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