My Vampire by E.E. Everly

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My Vampire by E.E. EverlyMy Vampire
Author: Lisa Rector
Series: My Supernatural Boyfriend #1
Genres: Paranormal/Contemporary, YA Paranormal/Contemporary
Format: eBook
Pages: 190
Date: March 26, 2018
Publisher: Indie

He craves my fae blood,
an elixir supernaturals can’t resist.
One taste could send him into a frenzy, but I can’t stay away.
He is, after all, my vampire.

Cursed to spend the next eighteen years on Earth, Sasha has nowhere to hide from the demons and vampires who desire her rare fae blood. She’s had too many close calls. Too many supernaturals want her blood.

Including one particular vampire—Killian. He saved Sasha’s life despite his own thirst for her, and now she can’t shake him.

But he’s grown on her.
Stalks her.
Leaves her steaming mugs of cocoa in the quad.

When the demons slaughter a girl in the college dorms, Sasha and Killian are stuck between a feuding vampire coven and demon horde. They all seek a magical amulet with untold powers and are not above using Sasha to get it.

But Sasha must find the amulet for her own protection—before she ends up on the wrong end of a demon’s blade or, worse, has her throat ripped out by the vampire she calls hers.

Rating: Moderate+. Passionate kissing; mild language; brief nudity; fade-out intimacy with details or significant sexual discussion; some violence or horror.


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About Lisa Rector

Lisa Rector

Lisa Rector is a Maryland native and can’t imagine living anywhere else. She married her high school sweetheart for time and all eternity in the Washington D.C. Temple after she fell in love with his endless sense of humor. Among her newfound love of writing, her passions are yoga, gardening, and her faith in Jesus Christ. Her favorite delights are decadent homemade cakes, cookies, or brownies—never store-bought.

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