Time Stone: Guardian of the Stone by Kathi Oram Peterson

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Time Stone: Guardian of the Stone by Kathi Oram PetersonGuardian of the Stone
Author: Kathi Oram Peterson
Series: Time Stone Chronicles #3
Genres: YA Historical
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 358
Date: June 2010
Publisher: Indie

Travel back to Book of Mormon times.

Things have not been the same for sixteen-year-old Tag Quincy since his father and brother left. Wanting to be alone and make statements with his graffiti art, Tag can hardly believe that a gang called the Primes want him to become a member. They even threaten to beat up his nerdy cousin, Ethan, unless he joins. His mother finds out and sends him to spend the summer with his Grandpa Quincy, but when Tag learns Ethan will be there as well, he decides enough is enough and runs away. A storm forces him to seek shelter in a cabin where he meets three very different men who have an extraordinary object—a stone that glows brighter than the stars.

When Tag holds the stone, it propels him through time to an ancient land, which looks a lot like Book of Mormon times. He is swept up in a fight where Sabirah, the daughter of Samuel the Lamanite, captures the daughter of wicked King Jacob. Sabirah believes the king is holding her father and brother and hopes the king will let them go in exchange for his daughter. Tag helps Sabirah, but the princess escapes. And worse still, Tag realizes the princess stole the time-traveling stone. As guardian of the stone, Tag is determined to get it back. But he is captured by the king and about to be sacrificed to an evil idol when the ground begins to shake and crack open. A violent storm sweeps the land and leaves the world in utter darkness.

Will Tag ever find the stone?

Will Sabirah ever find her father and brother?

And will Tag ever go back to his own time?

Originally published as The Stone Traveler. Title and cover updated in 2017.


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About Kathi Oram Peterson

Kathi Oram Peterson

Kathi Oram Peterson has loved reading and writing stories since childhood. After raising her family, she put her writing on hold to earn a BA in English and a minor in Sociology. Upon graduation she worked for a curriculum publisher writing and editing concept and biography books for children. Her first novel was published in 2009. She writes young adult and romantic suspense.

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