The Cove by Julie L. Spencer

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The Cove by Julie L. SpencerThe Cove
Author: Julie L. Spencer
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 190
Date: December 10, 2014
Publisher: Indie

You can’t choose your consequences…

Olympic swimmer Gail Pedersen is a selfish overachiever who’s used to getting her own way. She finds herself in not only a love triangle, but a love quadrangle with three very different men. She knows she has to choose, but which one will steal her heart?

Patrick—the love of her childhood who knows her history and loves her anyway, but is gone for two years serving as a missionary.

Stephan—a rich college guy who sweeps her off her feet.

Todd—the man who is everyone’s best friend and offers Gail comfort and support.

Gail doesn’t want to hurt any of them, but the more she tries to fix the situation they’re in, the worse it gets. Determined, Gail finally makes a decision that will change their lives forever, but her choice leaves unexpected consequences. Can they overcome tragedy and repair broken friendships? Or will each of them spend the rest of their lives without love?

Caution: This book deals with some mature themes, but the focus is on repentance. Author gives this book a PG-13 rating.

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About Julie L. Spencer

Julie L. Spencer 2021

Julie L. Spencer is a bestselling multi-genre author who uses real social issues to incorporate valuable lessons into fictional stories. As an author and publisher, she’s mentored other authors using techniques she’s developed over 30+ books and publications. Her stories include snarky, flawed characters, and romantic twists and turns. Julie believes we can change the world one story at a time.

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