Imprints: Blinded by Teyla Branton

March 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
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Imprints: Blinded by Teyla BrantonBlinded
Author: Teyla Branton
Series: Imprints #5
Genres: Paranormal/Contemporary, Supernatural Mystery
Format: eBook
Pages: 298
Date: March 20, 2018
Publisher: White Star Press

Sometimes clear sight comes only after you’re blinded

When a rash of elderly deaths occur in Portland, Autumn Rain is called upon to use her ability to read emotions imprinted on physical objects in an attempt to track down the killer. The antiques shop owner and part-time police consultant is more than willing to go undercover with Shannon Martin, the infuriating detective she might be falling for.

Crime boss Nicholas Russo is also back in town to claim the favor Autumn owes him. If she doesn’t pay, her life and those of her family will be at risk, but helping Russo might mean the deaths of other innocent people.

A chilling repeat imprint of a murder and a fiery near-death has Autumn rethinking everything she’s learned about her ability and what it has made her become.

And then things really get crazy.

Rating: Moderate. Mild kissing; mild sensuality; moderate violence or horror.

NOTE: This was originally published in 2014, under another pen name. Some edits have been made.


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About Teyla Branton

Teyla Branton has worked in publishing for over twenty years. She loves writing and traveling. As a mother of seven, it’s not easy to find time to write, but the semi-ordered chaos gives her a constant source of writing material. Teyla writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction. She also writes romance and women’s fiction as Rachel Branton.

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