Daimon High: Claire by L.K. Bastian

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Daimon High: Claire by L.K. BastianClaire
Author: L.K. Bastian
Series: Daimon High #1
Genres: YA Paranormal/Contemporary
Format: eBook
Pages: 267
Date: September 20, 2017
Publisher: Lange House Press

Claire has always struggled with anger management issues, but she had no idea it was a symptom of being a werewolf. When the new interim principal—who is actually a rogue demon—tells five teens that they are supernaturals and a demon lord is after them for their gifts, Claire struggles to believe it.

When the principal threatens to turn them over to the demon lord if they don’t help break her free, Claire must work with a vampire, an elementalist, a shapeshifter, and a witch to learn magic and battle skills. The fact that the vampire had almost fed on her best friend doesn’t make her very willing to work with any of the others, even if it was in her nature to play nice.

Can Claire learn to accept who she is and choose to embrace the inner beast in order to stop the demons after them? And if she does, will that ruin her chances of finding love with the boy she’s always wished was more than a friend?

Rating: Moderate. Moderate crude humor/language; some substance use; mild kissing; mild language; moderate violence or horror.


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About L.K. Bastian

Laura D. Bastian

L.K. Bastian writes of things she’d like to do, places she’d like to go, and magic and powers she wishes she had. She focuses on fantasy and urban fantasy genres. She also writes romance under the name Laura D. Bastian. She graduated from Utah State University, and lives with her husband and five children.

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