Legally and Lawfully Yours by Anita Stansfield

August 7, 2015 | 2 Comments

Legally and Lawfully Yours by Anita StansfieldLegally and Lawfully Yours
Author: Anita Stansfield
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 256
Date: August 5, 2015
Publisher: Covenant

Following the revelation of her fiancé’s philandering ways, high-powered New York attorney Shannon Turney’s wedding is off. At a time like this, the last thing she can handle is family drama. But when she learns how far her brother’s and sister-in-law’s lives have spiraled out of control, the only thought in her mind is the safety of her young niece and nephew. After Shannon is granted custody, she and the children are eager to run long and far from their problems.

The end of the road is Sugar City, a place as delightful as its name implies. In the tiny town, Shannon gets much more of a change than she bargained for. Welcomed with open arms by the townspeople, including the handsome local veterinarian, Shannon and the children slowly begin to heal. But when their idyllic existence is threatened by the return of the children’s mother, Shannon has no choice but to return to the courtroom she left behind. She has one last legal battle to fight, and the outcome may mean losing everything she loves.

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About Anita Stansfield

Anita Stansfield

Anita Stansfield has been a queen of romantic fiction for more than a decade. Her work has shattered the stereotypes of romance novels with her trademark ability to combine great storytelling with intense psychological depth as she focuses on the emotional struggles of the human experience.

2 responses to “Legally and Lawfully Yours by Anita Stansfield

  1. My favorite thing about this thoughtful book is the theme of family loyalty and devotion. Both Shannon with her traumatic background and Phillip with his idyllic childhood exemplify unconditional love and sacrifice for their family members. I loved their “meet-cute” and the steadily growing friendship and romance. Shannon was an interesting character to read since she is in a state of transition at the beginning of the book, not only in career and location, but emotionally as well. Her self-evaluation throughout the book is open and honest as it shows her growth in connecting to those around her and exercising faith in God.

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