Sharani: Skies by Kevin L. Nielsen

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Sharani: Skies by Kevin L. NielsenSkies
Author: Kevin L. Nielsen
Series: Sharani #3
Genres: YA Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 363
Date: August 15, 2016
Publisher: Future House Publishing

For the Rahuli people, the world has just gotten a lot bigger.

Gavin, now the unchallenged leader of the displaced Rahuli, grows increasingly frustrated with the members of the so-called slave “rebellion.” The former slaves are frightened by the Rahuli’s war-filled history, but the Rahuli’s warrior ways might be the only thing to stop the Orinai from slaughtering them all.

Meanwhile, Lhaurel is held prisoner by the Seven Sisters, the mysterious and ruthless mages who rule the Orinai. Cut off from her magic, she is forced to travel to the Orinai capital under threat against the Rahuli. Unbeknownst to Lhaurel, despite their promises the Sisters have no intention of letting the Rahuli live.

While Lhaurel begins to understand the Seven Sisters, their armies march toward the Rahuli once again. To defend his people, Gavin must earn the trust of the former slaves or nobody stands a chance against the approaching horde.

Can Gavin defeat the Orinai, or have the Rahuli entered a fight they cannot win?

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About Kevin L. Nielsen

Kevin L. Nielsen’s journey into writing began in the 6th grade when an oft-frustrated librarian told him there simply wasn’t enough money in the budget to buy any more books. She politely suggested he write his own. His teacher at the time also challenged him to read the Illiad by the end of the year (which he did). Kevin has been writing ever since (and invading libraries and bookstores everywhere).

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